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“God loves me. I’m not here just to fill a place, just to be a number. He has chosen me for a purpose. I know it.”
                                         -Mother Teresa
When I was a young girl I felt drawn to Spirit. I saw Spirit around me at all times of my life and thought it was normal for everyone. Instead of pushing it away, I welcomed that connection and it grew and continues to grow. This is my life’s journey: to facilitate connections between Spirit and my fellow human beings.

My connection with Spirit is constant, loving and irrepressible. I could no more withhold their channeled guidance than I could stop a rushing stream. In fact, it is like a stream that flows from the Spirit I am connecting with, through me, to the person who has requested my help.

My goal is to help everyone find that inner strength within them, to teach them to hear their inner guidance and connect consciously with their Source. Throughout this lifetime there are constant obstacles that distract us from our real path. Through readings, I assist those who are confused or searching, to understand their responsibility and the actions necessary to move forward on their own spiritual journey.

My connection with Source has guided me throughout my life, and my understanding is that I am here for the sole purpose of helping others on their journey, to help them feel safe, empowered, and loved. 

- Deana Marie


July, 2008

Dear Everyone,

I value my obligation and commitment to everyone very highly. I have enjoyed the journey of being with all of you. My mission with all of you has been a very deeply connected relationship. The Angels and I feel that I must work with you all now in such a way that we can continue our relationship. My work has been rapidly evolving and I am now going to reach more people than ever before.  I will be working through television and radio to continue my mission to help people. I am currently working on a new television show which will air in the Fall, as a result my time is more limited. So to continue to be able to serve all of you I will be giving readings over the phone from Sedona, Arizona. My phone readings are just as accurate and effective as a reading in person since our energetic connection transcends time and space. 

I will be taking phone readings and arranging appointments from Sedona. If you would like to have a reading please call me at (602) 434-3289.

With all my love,

Deana Marie

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